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Andrea Leggitt of SaltyandSweet design recently moved her studio into the ADX mezzanine space.

SaltyandSweet found its start on Etsy in 2008, making and selling mobiles.

“I have a degree in industrial design; literally a week after I graduated, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma,” she recounts. “I had to go through chemo and radiation.”

At the urging of her mother,  Andrea began making making mobiles simply as a means of staying busy while undergoing treatment. She put one on Etsy, and it sold within 24 hours; later, she started her full Etsy shop, and has since acquired retail and wholesale contracts. “SaltyandSweet was a total accident,” she says.



“After being sick like that, I couldn’t just design a bunch of plastic goods,” Andrea says. “I couldn’t just go to work designing cell phone covers. I’m convinced that my cancer was the result of plastic goods in our modern environment.”

For this reason, Andrea’s work focuses on leather, wood, and other natural materials. In 2011, Andrea raised money via Kickstarter to purchase a laser cutter, which she now uses to engrave dog collars, mobiles, coasters, custom designed flask sets, and other products under the SaltyandSweet label.








“The cancer was an integral part of my story. If I hadn’t gotten sick, I’d probably be working for Nike designing shoes or something.”

See more on SaltyandSweet’s website and Etsy store.

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