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Whether you’re a full-time maker or just dabbling, ADX Membership gives you access to the tools, space, and community to help you get your project done. Check out our membership levels to see which option is right for you.

Membership Levels

All memberships include full access to The Bridge Digital Design Lab, our Tool Library, Shared Workspace, Partnership Benefits, and Discounts on Classes and Services such as 3D Printing and Laser Cutting.


Become a part of our collaborative community and gain access to the workshops on an as-needed basis.

$50 per Month

1 Year Prepaid: $360 (Save 40%)

Access to Wood & Metal Shops and the Cube Craft Lab with purchase of Shop Passes.


Gain unlimited access to the Cube Craft Lab and gain access to the Workshops on an as-needed basis.


1 Year Prepaid: $770 (Save 20%)

Full use of the Cube Craft Lab, access to Wood & Metal Shops with Shop Passes.


Gain full shop access during your time off; weekday nights after 5PM and all day on weekends.


1 Year Prepaid: $1440 (Save 20%)

Full access to Wood & Metal Shops + Craft Lab after 5 on weekdays and all weekend long.


Dedicate some serious creative time to your projects with full shop access seven days a week, open to close.


1 Year Prepaid: $1920 (save 20%)

Full access to Wood & Metal Shops and Craft Lab during all open hours.

All memberships auto-renew on a monthly basis unless otherwise canceled.

Questions about membership? Email

Shop Passes

Shop Passes allow Community and Cube Craft Lab Members to gain access to the wood and metal shops on an as needed basis.

$40 for a full day of shop access.

$100 for a 5 shop pass bundle.

Purchase Shop Passes at the ADX Front Desk.
**An active membership is required to redeem Shop Passes and access the shop**


Students, seniors and minors (ages 10-18) receive 20% off all monthly memberships.
Group, Industry & Business discounts are also available, please contact us.


Keep your employees engaged, creative, and enthusiastic by giving them the opportunity to work with their hands, develop new leadership, building, teamwork and crafting skills, and invest in themselves both creatively and professionally. Our discounted company membership packages provide all the benefits of an ADX membership to your staff.

Please email to inquire about Business Membership rates.


As some of our members learn and grow, some folks have grown too big for us, and have moved on. To help keep ex-members involved in our maker community, even after leaving the shop, we offer an Alumni Membership. If you’re an ADX Alum, we’d love to have you back!

Check out Alumni Membership info here.

“ADX elevates craft and making without being pretentious. A space like ADX is here to provide the sort of industrial fabrication tools that could spark a revolution. In other words, ADX is your new favorite resource for making.”

– Michael B.

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