ADX | Art Design Portland |ADX | Art Design Portland | Building a Community of Thinkers & Makers Sat, 01 Aug 2015 16:00:52 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Sharing is Caring: How Coworking is Changing the Way We Work Sat, 01 Aug 2015 16:00:52 +0000 One of our avid blog readers sent us over this informative graphic from MBA Central on the history and positive effects of coworking. The timing was perfect because Portland Coworking Week is coming next week and ADX will be offering up 6- tickets per day for participants to come and spend a day testing out our coworking space. We will also be speaking at two of the Portland Coworking Week events. Come see our communications director Matt speak with other coworking space directors on Tuesday, August 4th at CENTRL Office downtown.

Or, come by DeskHub on Friday, August 7th and here Matt talk specifically about collaborative spaces like ADX and Forge Portland

Coworking - Shared Spaces

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New Partnership: Klum House Sewing Tue, 28 Jul 2015 13:00:47 +0000 SCISSORS-BANNER

ADX is thrilled to announce our new partnership with Klum House!  Klum House is a DIY Workshop run by creative powerhouse Ellie Lum.  Ellie has been working and teaching in the industrial sewing industry for over 15 years and is incredibly passionate about sharing knowledge and teaching new skills.

At Klum House you can learn everything from the basics of sewing, pants hemming, bag making, pillow making and more!  And if you’re an ADX member you can take the first Intro to Sewing class for $20 and receive $25 off any class after that.  Just use the code: WELCOME when you check out.

Not only can you take classes at the Klum House location, you can also take our Intro to Industrial Sewing class with Ellie here at the shop! Remember, ADX members get close to 60% off of our normal class prices just for being a member.


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Community Potluck Tonight! Mon, 27 Jul 2015 21:05:58 +0000 Attention current, past and future members: Our Community Potluck is tonight!

Maybe you have a project you’ve been putting off for months and have been thinking about becoming a member? Or maybe you work for a company who would be interested in hiring us on to build your project? Or maybe you thought about taking a class but then got distracted by summer’s many distractions?


Well, take the leap tonight and come out for our Community Potluck, and take advantage of the following perks!

** Receive 30% off three months of membership (That’s $180 in savings!!)
** Sign up to receive a free 15 min consultation with our fabrication team
** Sign up to sit down with our education coordinator to talk about classes or team building activities

Just swing by at 6PM and meet our community of thinkers and makers. The agenda also includes:

** Member updates
** A presentation by our design and fabrication team on our Buoy Brewing tap handle design, prototyping and production process
** New class announcements

Meet new people, make new friends and play with a light saber (seriously, one of our instructors built a light saber and it is incredible)!

If you can’t make it, please send an email to to let us know what ADX can do to include you in Portland’s growing Maker Movement.

So, add some making to your Monday night and come hang out! RSVPs are appreciated.

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Shop Life: July 27 Mon, 27 Jul 2015 18:00:03 +0000 ADX_SL_Y5_V4-1

Shop Life is an ongoing, bi-weekly ADX Photo Series, featuring people, projects and happenings around the shop.
This is the Installment Four of Year Five.

ADX_SL_Y5_V4-2 ADX_SL_Y5_V4-3 ADX_SL_Y5_V4-4 ADX_SL_Y5_V4-5 ADX_SL_Y5_V4-6 ADX_SL_Y5_V4-7 ADX_SL_Y5_V4-8 ADX_SL_Y5_V4-9 ADX_SL_Y5_V4-10 ADX_SL_Y5_V4-11 ADX_SL_Y5_V4-12 ADX_SL_Y5_V4-13 ADX_SL_Y5_V4-14 ADX_SL_Y5_V4-15 ADX_SL_Y5_V4-16 ADX_SL_Y5_V4-17 ADX_SL_Y5_V4-18 ADX_SL_Y5_V4-19 ADX_SL_Y5_V4-20 ADX_SL_Y5_V4-21 ADX_SL_Y5_V4-22 ADX_SL_Y5_V4-23 ADX_SL_Y5_V4-24 ADX_SL_Y5_V4-25

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Intro to Industrial Sewing Mon, 27 Jul 2015 16:00:48 +0000 In March we launched our Craft Cube Lab which offered our members access to screen printing, jewelry making and industrial sewing equipment.  And now we officially have an Industrial Sewing class on the calendar!

The first part of this class is designed specifically to acquaint you with operating ADX’s ConSew 206RB industrial sewing machine safely and effectively. Learn the ins & outs of operating our well-made and robust industrial walking-foot machine, an older model with a handful of counter-intuitive safety concerns that will be addressed in class. Learn how to properly thread the machine, how to measure out and cut fabric using a simple pattern, and how to sew a straight stitch through multiple layers of canvas using a walking foot.


In the second part of this class, get to know different areas of The Cube while you sew, screenprint the ADX logo, attach ties with grommets to your canvas shop apron, and design the size of each pocket (consider your pencils, notebook, phone, and any other tool you find indispensable while making at ADX). Finish this class with the confidence you need to incorporate sewn elements into your otherwise textile-less projects AND you have your very own personalized shop apron with which to casually impress your friends. A win-win!


ConSew 206RB Walking Foot Industrial Sewing Machine
fabric scissors
measuring tools
Marking impliments (pencils, chalk)
Sewing needles and pins
Iron and ironing board
Screenprinting equipment (including prepped screen and press)


Safe operation of a ConSew 206RB
Measuring and marking a pattern
Proper fabric cutting techniques
Straight stitch using a walking foot
Add grommets to canvas
Screenprint a design


Fabric for practicing initial stitches
Canvas for shop apron
Rope, cording and leather strips for ties
Ink for screenprinting


Ellie Lum is an accomplished business owner and artist who loves making just about anything and teaching people how to create whatever their heart desires. Ellie’s passion lies in the intersection of education, art and environmental justice. As a business owner of over 15 years in a craftsman-based business, R.E. Load Bags, she has honed her skills as a leader and teacher instructing those who worked with her how to master the craft of industrial sewing. For the past few years she’s been teaching sewing & organic gardening through her DIY Workshop and handmade goods brand, Klum House. If you are looking to deepen your sewing knowledge, Ellie offers sewing instruction as a private lesson or in groups. Check out Ellie’s class calendar at for Klumhouse here.


Some experience with a home sewing machine is strongly recommended. Instructor will assume students have some working knowledge of sewing vocabulary and concepts. Interested in using the industrial sewing machine but have no experience sewing? Consider One-on-One instruction or a group class with Ellie Lum in her studio at Klum House. For more information about general Intro to Sewing instruction, contact; for information about classes at ADX, contact

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Makers Gotta Make: By the numbers Thu, 23 Jul 2015 19:58:59 +0000 The growing national and international attention Portland’s Maker Movement is gaining is definitely having an impact on the local-goods market. Although the rise in local manufacturing doesn’t appear to have an impact on the GDP at the national level, there’s ample evidence that small artisan manufacturing is having a real effect on Portland’s economy.


And Makers need warehouse space in order to produce their products. A recent Portland Made real estate survey found that there is over 200,000 square feet of close-in warehouse space needed for makers to expand into, which is why we need to save and expand the IG zoning in the Central Eastside. Join the conversation July 23rd at Ruckus 87 SE Stark from 5:30-7:30pm.

In 2014, Portland State University professor Charles Heying and his team conducted a survey of Portland Made members and the following is from his report:

Invisible economy: 90% of the businesses surveyed were not included in any national databases. This means that this part of our economy is not being counted.

Impact: The 126 members of the Portland Made Collective employ an estimated 1083 persons and generate revenues of $263 million.* As of the today, PMC has over 500 members

Mostly young: Eighty-two percent (82%) of all enterprises have been in operation 10 years or less, sixty-three percent (63%), five years or less.

Big hits and long tail: Three (3) enterprises, that have been in operation for thirty (30) years or more, produced ninety percent (90%) of the revenues and seventy percent (70%) of the jobs. The lesson is not to ignore the numerous small young enterprises but to nourish them. Two (2) of the three (3) large enterprises, that have such an outsize impact, were started in small studios by founders trained in the arts, with a passion for their craft and the ability to turn that passion into something substantial.


Sweet spot: When enterprises reach the threshold category of $500,000–$1 million in revenues, they make a dramatic shift from part time to full time employees. Below that revenue threshold, the balance between part time and full time employees is roughly equal, above the threshold, the ratio of full time to part time is five to one (5:1).

Hole in the middle: We discovered an exceptionally small number of enterprises in operation in the middle range of years, and a total lack of enterprises in the middle range revenue category. While this may be an artifact of the data, we prefer the explanation that periods of innovation and enterprise occur in waves. One wave in the late seventies spawned a wave of artisan/makers like Bullseye Glass, Pratt and Larson Tile, and the Joinery. The 2000s brought the next wave of artisan and makers. In between these two fertile periods, is the “hole in the middle,” a transition period where there were few enterprise foundings.

Positive revenue growth: Respondents reported very positive revenue growth with an average of sixty-one percent (61%) cumulative growth for the last three years. Estimates varied by size of enterprise, but surprisingly, the fastest growth was not in the smallest enterprises. Enterprises with revenues of $50–$100,000 report nearly doubling in size over the last three years.

Artisans and makers: When asked to rank their identity preferences, respondents clearly preferred the role of maker and artisan over entrepreneur or business person. The preference for maker/artisan may suggest that respondents value their skills in producing well-made handcrafted goods over maximizing financial returns.

Beyond local markets: As expected PMC members rely on local markets, with forty-six percent (46%) of sales generated in Portland and another sixteen percent (16%) from the Northwest. But surprisingly thirty percent (30%) of reported sales came from the US, outside the Northwest, and eight percent (8%) were international.


Challenges: Respondents identified marketing and product development as the most important challenges and administration the least.

Want to get involved in the growing Maker Movement?  Join ADX and make, learn to make, or have us make your dreams into reality. Not a Maker but looking for a fun opportunity to do team-building with your company or family? Check out our custom Day of Building programs.  Or, join our Friends of ADX program and help us continue to support local makers, artists and designers.

Already a maker with your own business?  Then join Portland Made Collective and stay connected to local makers, up-to-date on the latest policy conversations and receive invites to exclusive Portland Made events!

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GoLocalPDX Blog: Krown Lab Tue, 21 Jul 2015 17:00:12 +0000 This week, we are featuring one of the many companies that have been driven out of the Central Eastside Industrial District in the past year, Krown Lab. The following video talks not only to owner Stefan Andre, but one of his local vendors Janwell Machining & Hardware.


Together they show the importance of our incredible maker ecosystem in Portland. Our makers are bringing manufacturing back to the US and specifically back to Portland. Consumers are demanding more locally made products, and Portland Makers are stepping up to the challenge.

But we need affordable warehouse space in the Central Eastside and other industrial districts in the city. Converting our valuable warehouses to creative office is a huge misstep and we need to redirect the conversation to growing our Maker Movement and creating more affordable industrial space in the Central Eastside.

Makers and manufacturers in the Central Eastside create a vast network of support for each other. Their close proximity to each other means more business to business transactions (good for our economy), fewer vehicle miles traveled for employee and delivery trips (good for our environment), and more middle class jobs in the heart of our city (good for social equity).

Anyone can join the Maker Movement by subscribing to Portland Made.
If you are a Maker, then join the Collective.

If you are in the Central Eastside, join this upcoming meeting on July 23rd.
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Shop Life: July 17 Fri, 17 Jul 2015 19:01:00 +0000 ADX_SL_Y5_V2-1

Shop Life is an ongoing, bi-weekly ADX Photo Series, featuring people, projects and happenings around the shop.
This is the Installment Three of Year Five.

ADX_SL_Y5_V2-2 ADX_SL_Y5_V2-3 ADX_SL_Y5_V2-4 ADX_SL_Y5_V2-6 ADX_SL_Y5_V2-7 ADX_SL_Y5_V2-8 ADX_SL_Y5_V2-9 ADX_SL_Y5_V2-10 ADX_SL_Y5_V2-11 ADX_SL_Y5_V2-12 ADX_SL_Y5_V2-13ADX_SL_Y5_V2-27 ADX_SL_Y5_V2-28 ADX_SL_Y5_V2-29 ADX_SL_Y5_V2-30 ADX_SL_Y5_V2-31 ADX_SL_Y5_V2-32ADX_SL_Y5_V2-5 ADX_SL_Y5_V2-14 ADX_SL_Y5_V2-15 ADX_SL_Y5_V2-16 ADX_SL_Y5_V2-17 ADX_SL_Y5_V2-18 ADX_SL_Y5_V2-19 ADX_SL_Y5_V2-20 ADX_SL_Y5_V2-21 ADX_SL_Y5_V2-22 ADX_SL_Y5_V2-23 ADX_SL_Y5_V2-25 ADX_SL_Y5_V2-26

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Introduction to Metal Mon, 13 Jul 2015 17:00:42 +0000 Interested in making something out of metal? This class seeks to provide you with the fundamental skills and confidence necessary to safely operate within the ADX metal shop, including how to safely clean, cut, drill, grind, form and weld mild steel. You’ll learn how to properly use, care for and setup tools as well as clean up after use. Most importantly, this class gets you on your way to making all that awesome stuff you’ve been day dreaming about! This introductory class sets the stage for future ADX metal classes, including MIG and TIG welding and various project-based classes.


In this class you’ll get a hands on lesson in using the plasma cutter, horizontal band saw and abrasive cut-off saw, drill press and thread tapping machine, grinders and stationary sanders, MIG and spot welders, bench bender, and our sheet metal shear, brake, and slip roll.


And there’s a bonus!  The non-member price includes 1 month of Unlimited Membership so you can practice what you’ve learned and get started on your next project! The month of membership begins the first day of the class.

Also, one last thing: Before using the shop outside of class time, you must attend one of our $10 new member orientations.

To sign up for membership and take advantage of the discounts on classes that members receive (at least 30% off!) on this class and others, click here!

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Help Us Win Some Tools! Mon, 13 Jul 2015 17:00:25 +0000 Attention all of you wonderful members!  ADX is currently competing in an Instructable contest in which we could potentially win a bunch of new equipment (including a new laser) for you to use!

The contest is to see which makerspace can:

A). Post the most instructables.

B). Have the most instructables featured.

We know that all of you are working on incredible, creative projects that the instructable community would love to see.  All we need you to do is photo document your process, create a simple how-to list and send that over to our communications director Matt!


Your instructable can literally be anything you have made or are making including food, laser projects, wood, metal, automotive, etc…  It can be as simple as a wooden box to as complicated as an entire motorcycle build.

And don’t worry about formatting or editing your photos or instructions, we’ll take care of that for you!

You can check out some examples of what we are already posting and don’t forget to follow or subscribe to ADX’s account while you are there.

So, take out your cell phone camera and let’s show the world how creative all of our members are, and get some free tools in the process!

For questions or to submit photos and instructions email:

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