ADX | Art Design Portland |ADX | Art Design Portland | Building a Community of Thinkers & Makers Mon, 17 Aug 2015 23:06:00 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Guinness World Record: Largest Cyanotype Mon, 17 Aug 2015 23:00:05 +0000 Do you want to be part of breaking a Guinness World Record??

Visiting artist J.J. Hastings will be in town next week attempting to break the record for the world’s largest cyanotype! J.J. Hastings is collaborating with Newspace Photography and ADX to break this record and she needs your help!



The schedule and the numbers of volunteers needed each day are below:

Aug 20th:
  • During the day to help wrangel and sew all the fabric needed for the project (requires 2-3 volunteers). This will take place at ADX.
Aug 22nd:
  • 8-10pm – coat the fabric with the emulsion and set out to dry in the studio (requires 2-3 volunteers). This will take place at Newspace Photography.
August 23rd:
  • 10am – core volunteers help set up area outside (mark out location for exposure) and ensure the fabric/wash bin is ready (requires at least 8 volunteers).
  • 11:30am – start the event (greet crowd, discuss project, give thanks to supporters)
  • 12pm sharp – volunteers bring out the print, performers lay on the print to expose, after ~10mins, volunteers quickly gather the fabric and dip in wash bath. This will take place at Newspace Photography.

Once washed, the print can be pulled out for photos/public examination. Then, one last final wash before going back into the studio to dry overnight. This will need 2-3 volunteers as well. Those who volunteer for the whole process (sewing, coating, day of event) will get an opportunity to create their own cyanos on textile (private tutorial on cyanotyping onto textile) as well as a ‘thank you’ gift from J.J.

If you are interested in volunteering, please email our Communications Director at

In the meantime, here are some great photos from when J.J. first broke the world record at the Story of Light Festival in Goa, India in January of this year.

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3D Printer Orientation Mon, 17 Aug 2015 22:35:43 +0000 Do you want to learn to use a 3D printer? Want to use ours? Well now you can!


This class will teach students how to set up, use, and troubleshoot problems with our Makerbot 3D printers. Students learn which files can be used with a 3D printer, how to upload and print files, and how to set up the 3D printers and make sure they run smoothly. This class does not cover 3D design concepts.

Successful completion of this class is required to use the 3D printers at ADX. Members who complete the class will be able reserve time to use both Makerbots at a rate of $25/hour. Nonmembers do not have access to the machines outside of class.

So what are you waiting for?!  

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Laser Orientation Course Mon, 17 Aug 2015 16:00:29 +0000 You read the title right: Lasers!

Ever wanted to make a jigsaw puzzle? Or engrave your own design into a pint glass? Or maybe you’ve got some invitations to make for your star wars themed wedding? Well then you’ll want to learn to use our laser!

Once you are a member of any level here at ADX, you can sign up for this Laser Orientation class and learn how to cut or engrave your own designs with our Epilog Helix Laser Engraver. This class teaches you how to set up, safely use, and troubleshoot common problems with our laser printer. You will learn how to format, upload and print your files, as well as how to set up our laser printer and make sure it runs smoothly and safely.


Participants who successfully pass a competency test at the end of the class will receive Laser Certification from ADX. Non-members may choose to complete the class for Laser Orientation, however a current membership is required to access the laser outside of class time.

NOTE: This class does not cover 2D design concepts. Look to our monthly Laser Lab for assistance preparing 2D design files for the laser.

So stop waiting, the future is now! Sign up for a membership and a laser orientation class here.

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T-Shirts Are Back! Wed, 12 Aug 2015 19:00:16 +0000 The moment you have all been waiting for is here: Our custom made t-shirts are back in stock!

Whether you’re a metal worker, wood worker, mixed media maker or a fan of safety we have a shirt for you!

All of our shirts are printed in-house by ADX staff. We use only American Made t-shirts and source our ink from our friends at Ryonet in Vancouver, Oregon. Want to learn to print your own shirts? Then start off by taking our Intro to Screen Printing class!

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Upholstery 101: Intro to Upholstery Tools Mon, 10 Aug 2015 16:00:46 +0000 Do you have an old couch or arm chair with ratty corners? Want to put a new seat in your ’74 Datsun? Need an ottoman to rest your sore feet on after work?  Well, we’ve got one of the best upholsterers in town here in our shop and he wants to teach you the basics fundamentals of upholstery techniques including the operation of our industrial sewing machine. You’ll walk away with the skills you’ll need to take future upholstery classes, as well as a new awareness of how to bring new life to old furniture.

In this class you’ll get to use scissors, staple pullers, a sewing machine, a tack hammer, a pneumatic stapler and more!

Courses are open to all ADX members and non-members.

What are you waiting for? Sign up here!

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GoLocalPDX: Join the Maker Movement Mon, 10 Aug 2015 16:00:31 +0000 Every week GoLocalPDX feature’s a different Portland Made member, partner or story we find interesting. There is so much going on in the Maker Movement around the globe and Portland is leading the way. The Portland Made Collective is working hard to build this movement and we want everyone to be involved.

So, this week is a call to action.


For Makers Manufacturers and Retailers

If you haven’t heard of us, Portland Made is a digital storytelling platform and advocacy center for Portland’s Maker Movement. As fellow makers, you and your business are vital to the manufacturing renaissance happening throughout the US. Portland Made is a collective of 500 members in the Portland Metro area. Our member companies include everything from locally made home goods to surf boards and hot sauce. We would love to feature you and your products on our website. With over 5000 unique hits a month, we add value to your marketing efforts by spreading the word to a global audience. The Collective is here to help support you and your company in any way we can!

Call to Action: Become a member of PMC!

For Consumers

We are all consumers!

Consumers are the biggest and best investors for Portland’s Maker Movement. Everyday we all make choices about what to buy. Do we simply buy the cheapest item or do we buy something that is locally made and a little more expensive in hopes that it will last longer? If you have to buy 10 of the same thing in your lifetime because it is poorly made and breaks, is it really cheaper? What if you spend a little bit more money up front and buy something that is handmade by a local artisan that will last forever? It’s better for our economy, our community and for good ol’ mother earth.  A great movie on this subject is Manufactured Landscapes by Edward Burtynsky. The next time you buy something, think about how many times you have had to buy it before, where it is made, who makes it and what goes into making it. Not everything can be locally made, but it is interesting to ask the questions and find out the answers. Being informed allows you to make smarter decisions.

Call to ActionBuy Locally Made Products

Call to ActionSubscribe to Portland Made


For Future Makers of America (that’s you!)

Ditch the desk for a workbench and try your hand at something new. We offer classes in woodworking, metalworking, upholstery, 3D design, laser cutting, 3D printing, and more. With ADX, you’ll learn in a supportive environment where class sizes are small enough to give you plenty of time to work personally with our knowledgeable instructors. We also offer custom designed group classes for schools and organizations.
Everyone can be a maker!

Call to ActionSign up for a class 


To get involved or for more information contact

Kelley Roy is the founder of ADX, a 14,000 square foot Makerspace where artists and designers work along side each other to prototype and launch new product lines. ADX is also open to the general public and teaches people of all ages how to make. And if you don’t want to do it yourself, you can hire ADX to make it for you. For more information check out


Portland Made is a digital storytelling platform and advocacy center for Portland’s Maker Movement. We do 2 features a month on Portland Makers; connect makers with more local, national and international markets; connect makers with local professional and manufacturing resources; advocate for makers with politicians at all levels of government; work with PSU on an annual survey that captures the economic power of the Maker Movement; help makers find real estate; and promote Portland makers with local and national media.

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New Class: Intro to Jewelry and Metalsmithing Mon, 03 Aug 2015 16:00:21 +0000 We’ve all been there: standing in front of a full case of hand-crafted jewelry, hands sweating, eyes racing back and forth between turquoise laden rings and recycled copper necklaces, toe rings glaring up at us and earrings dangling lackadaisically on their holders.  Will we buy the right piece of jewelry that perfectly reflects our emotions?  Is that up-cycled, organically produced mood ring really worth $75?

Our instructor Lindsey Snell's creation. Check out more @

Our instructor Lindsey Snell’s creation. Check out more @

Let’s be honest, most of us don’t enjoy the stress of buying jewelry for our friends, families or lovers.  We do it because we love them, but what better way to show them your love than to make the jewelry yourself?!


Our instructor Lindsey putting the final touches on the new jewelry and metalsmithing station in the Cube.

We know, we know, you’ve never made a piece of jewelry before.  You have no idea how to even find tools small enough to craft such wonderful gifts.  Well, we’ve got you covered: Starting March 23rd, ADX will be launching our first Intro to Jewelry Metalsmithing class!

Whether you are a beginner or looking to freshen up old skills, Intro to Jewelry Metalsmithing will help you get to know the tools and begin to build the skills necessary to make everything from cool jewelry to a set of silverware from nonferrous metal! Learn how to lay out patterns on metal, saw, texture, form, and solder. This class will prepare you to work inside the Cube and get you ready for future ADX Jewelry Metalsmithing classes like the Soldering Intensive, Intro to Cold Connections, and Ring Fabrication.

Don’t forget that members get a discounted rate on classes.

Not a member, yet? What are you waiting for!?



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Sharing is Caring: How Coworking is Changing the Way We Work Sat, 01 Aug 2015 16:00:52 +0000 One of our avid blog readers sent us over this informative graphic from MBA Central on the history and positive effects of coworking. The timing was perfect because Portland Coworking Week is coming next week and ADX will be offering up 6- tickets per day for participants to come and spend a day testing out our coworking space. We will also be speaking at two of the Portland Coworking Week events. Come see our communications director Matt speak with other coworking space directors on Tuesday, August 4th at CENTRL Office downtown.

Or, come by DeskHub on Friday, August 7th and here Matt talk specifically about collaborative spaces like ADX and Forge Portland

Coworking - Shared Spaces

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New Partnership: Klum House Sewing Tue, 28 Jul 2015 13:00:47 +0000 SCISSORS-BANNER

ADX is thrilled to announce our new partnership with Klum House!  Klum House is a DIY Workshop run by creative powerhouse Ellie Lum.  Ellie has been working and teaching in the industrial sewing industry for over 15 years and is incredibly passionate about sharing knowledge and teaching new skills.

At Klum House you can learn everything from the basics of sewing, pants hemming, bag making, pillow making and more!  And if you’re an ADX member you can take the first Intro to Sewing class for $20 and receive $25 off any class after that.  Just use the code: WELCOME when you check out.

Not only can you take classes at the Klum House location, you can also take our Intro to Industrial Sewing class with Ellie here at the shop! Remember, ADX members get close to 60% off of our normal class prices just for being a member.


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Community Potluck Tonight! Mon, 27 Jul 2015 21:05:58 +0000 Attention current, past and future members: Our Community Potluck is tonight!

Maybe you have a project you’ve been putting off for months and have been thinking about becoming a member? Or maybe you work for a company who would be interested in hiring us on to build your project? Or maybe you thought about taking a class but then got distracted by summer’s many distractions?


Well, take the leap tonight and come out for our Community Potluck, and take advantage of the following perks!

** Receive 30% off three months of membership (That’s $180 in savings!!)
** Sign up to receive a free 15 min consultation with our fabrication team
** Sign up to sit down with our education coordinator to talk about classes or team building activities

Just swing by at 6PM and meet our community of thinkers and makers. The agenda also includes:

** Member updates
** A presentation by our design and fabrication team on our Buoy Brewing tap handle design, prototyping and production process
** New class announcements

Meet new people, make new friends and play with a light saber (seriously, one of our instructors built a light saber and it is incredible)!

If you can’t make it, please send an email to to let us know what ADX can do to include you in Portland’s growing Maker Movement.

So, add some making to your Monday night and come hang out! RSVPs are appreciated.

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