ADX / Portland, ORADX / Portland, OR Building a Community of Thinkers & Makers Fri, 29 Aug 2014 00:14:52 +0000 en-US hourly 1 ADX is hiring! Fri, 29 Aug 2014 00:14:52 +0000 We are looking for a qualified and highly organized individual to fill a position as our full time Customer Service + Sales Associate who will be responsible for driving individual and corporate customer sales while maintaining a strict margin and representing our core values and branding.

This individual will provide efficient and friendly service and actively responds to customers’ needs both in person and over email and phone correspondence, develop comprehensive knowledge of ADX offerings in order to provide information on a range of services in our Membership, Design/Fabrication/Manufacturing, and Education departments.

Associates in this position know how to greet, qualify, recommend and sign up members and students for our Membership and Education department. This individual must also know how to interact with clients in our Design/Fabrication/Manufacturing department.

The Associate will also be responsible for providing an excellent customer service experience for all existing and potential members, student and clients, and for performing daily general administrative tasks for the entire ADX team.

For more information or to apply, visit

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ADX takes on the PDX Adult Soap Box Derby Tue, 26 Aug 2014 19:59:36 +0000 Some things from our childhood cannot be recovered, but here in Portland hope is not lost. Since 1997 the PDX Soap Box Derby has transformed these fleeting scraps of lost youth into sleek machines fueled by gravity, creativity, and more than a little beer. This year marks ADX’s first foray into the Soap Box Derby scene, and our crew, led by Seamus Holley and Scott Miyako decided that one racer would not be enough. Two soap box racers were made – one for speed, and one for style.


For the stylish soap box racer, the crew derived their inspiration from another bastion of childhood – the rubber ducky.


In the pursuit of speed, the crew focused not on the aesthetics but on aerodynamics.

ADX hosted ten build days where approximately 15 people worked on building the soap box racers, but the planning and preparation had been in progress for a few months before the first weld was made. The budget was a concern, so the racers were assembled from free or inexpensively-sourced scrap metal. Additionally, Seamus donated bike frames that would form the foundation of the speed-focused racer.


On race day, the duck car accomplished its singular goal – looking awesome. The speed racer, dubbed “Falcon Arrow 5000”, performed admirably during its first two preliminary heats, but prior to the third heat the steering column broke, ending its chances to win it all.

Although soap box racing fever has abated, next year’s race will be here before you know it. No plans have been finalized, but ADX will likely field a team for next year’s event. The final destination of the racers has yet to be determined, but rumor has it that they will serve as decorations for the ADX facility.

For more information on the PDX Adult Soap Box Derby visit

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Member of the Month: Josh Mabry Mon, 18 Aug 2014 18:10:21 +0000 Josh Mabry came to ADX in January 2014 with little to no experience making. Although he had always been creative, Josh had never taken time to find the right outlet. He started looking for a welding class in town and “stumbled upon this great little community.” Josh proceeded to take Intro to Woodworking, Intro to Metal, and Upholstery 101 in order to figure out what craft best suited him. Josh ended up being drawn to woodworking and has spent the last seven months in the wood shop bringing the ideas he scribbles in his notebook to life.

Drillpress_portrait (1)

I started playing with making these gem-like forms from scraps of wood here in the shop back in April and fell in love with the form. 

Boxes_Dirtpile (1)

Josh has been working on turning his designs into functional pieces of art and will soon be launching a line of wooden jars and lamps. These gorgeous wood products will be available through his website and on his Etsy shop, madebymabry.

SandingBox_Angle02 (1)

Josh strives to use reclaimed and sustainably sourced materials whenever possible for his projects and even makes his own locally sourced beeswax finish for his “gems”. Josh also donates 10% of his sales to help animals in need through the Pixie Project

WorkTogether_Portrait (1)

Want to check out more of Josh’s work? Follow him at on Instagram or contact him at



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ADX Is Hiring! Mon, 11 Aug 2014 22:47:45 +0000 adxmetalshop8

We are seeking inspired people to join our team in taking ADX and our community to the next level by leveraging and growing our already extensive on and offline networks and building upon our existing successes.

Currently we are looking for two individuals: an Education Director and a Communications Director. Check out the job descriptions, send us your applications, and tell your friends!

]]> 0 Explorers Series Mon, 11 Aug 2014 18:22:51 +0000 EX_Series_Postcard_FrontExplorers Series

Camp Cook, Jason Barwikowski, Billy Tosheff of Stargazer Farm and Kelley Roy of ADX and Portland Made, are teaming up to present Explorers Series, where arts, crafts and culture come together over conversation, food and drink.

Every Friday from 12PM-2PM at ADX we’ll host a weekly Lunch Wagon series for Portland’s manufacturing workforce. Take your lunch at ADX and learn about a different aspect of our local manufacturing ecosystem. Lunch is prepared by Chef Jason Barwikowski and served family style and ingredients are sourced from Stargazer and other local purveyors. The conversation is hosted by Marjorie Skinner, Managing Editor of the Portland Mercury.

If you have any dietary restrictions or allergies that we need to be aware of please contact with 48 hours advanced notice.

Does your company want to host a lunch? Contact Kelley 503-438-8171.

Also check out Monthly events at Stargazer Farm!

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ADX Creates Scholarship Fund Fri, 08 Aug 2014 17:57:04 +0000

ADX Creates a Scholarship Fund to Help Train Students in the Design and Manufacturing Sectors

ADX and Portland Made have teamed up with The Equity Foundation to create the Make it! FUNd, a scholarship fund that provides Portland’s youth access to ADX classes and workforce training program. Students learn new skills that provide them economic opportunities in the design and manufacturing sectors. All donations to the fund are tax deductible.

“ADX is excited to join forces with The Equity Foundation to provide more opportunities for students from around the region to get the skills that they need to access economic opportunities as soon as possible. We are taking our youth off of the pathway to poverty and prison and guiding them along a pathway to prosperity. ADX has the ability to provide students with the skills they need, right away, to be immediately employable. The need is vast, the call is urgent and the time is now, ” said Kelley Roy, owner and director at ADX.

ADX workforce training programs offer several options for individuals and student groups looking to enhance their curriculum with a practical, hands-on experience. Students will learn shop safety, team work, and creative problem solving while getting hands on training on fabrication projects using a variety of tools and materials. From digital design and electronics to fabrication and manufacturing, students learn the skills they need to get a family wage job at any point in their schooling.

“We are honored to support ADX in the creation of this scholarship fund,” said Equity Foundation’s executive director Karol Collymore. “So many children in our community are excluded from opportunities because of who they are or where they come from. ADX is working to make sure all kids have access points to success.”

Scholarships are awarded through an application process and reviewed by a volunteer selection committee at The Equity Foundation. More information about applying to the fund can be found here:

Individuals, companies and foundations can contribute to the fund in two ways:

Online: choose the ADX Make It! FUNd from the drop down list; or by sending a check payable to the ADX Make It! FUNd c/o The Equity Foundation at PO Box 5696, Portland, Oregon 97228. All donations are tax deductible.

For more information, visit or

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Lunch Wagon: Circa Cycles Mon, 04 Aug 2014 23:53:33 +0000  

Camp Cook, Jason Barwikowski, Billy Tosheff of Stargazer Farm and Kelley Roy of ADX and Portland Made, cordially invite you to join The Explorers Series, where arts, crafts and culture come together over conversation, food and drink.


Every Friday from 12PM-2PM at ADX we’ll host a weekly Lunch Wagon series for Portland’s manufacturing workforce. Take your lunch at ADX and learn about a different aspect of our local manufacturing ecosystem. Lunch is prepared by Chef Jason Barwikowski and served family style and ingredients are sourced from Stargazer and other local purveyors. The conversation is hosted by Marjorie Skinner, Managing Editor of the Portland Mercury.


August 8th 12PM-2PM: Circa Cycles

Portland-based Circa Cycles is re-imagining bicycle manufacturing to create versatile, affordable, locally-made bikes for everyday riders. Founder Rich Fox will be talking about Circa’s innovative, hyper-localized MABEL™ manufacturing platform, and his thoughts on how it can lead a revolution in local bicycle production. Come on down, meet Rich, and check out one of Circa’s innovative Trillium road bikes.

Founder-Road Med

If you have any dietary restrictions or allergies that we need to be aware of please contact with 48 hours advanced notice.

Does your company want to host a lunch? Contact Kelley 503-438-8171.


Roast pork shoulder with tomatoes
Stargazer farms potatoes, basil pesto
(Stargazer: tomatoes, potatoes, Italian basil, Italian parsley)

Also check out Monthly dinner events at Stargazer Farm!

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Lunch Wagon: Taking Your Product to Market Fri, 25 Jul 2014 02:53:46 +0000 Camp Cook, Jason Barwikowski, Billy Tosheff of Stargazer Farm and Kelley Roy of ADX and Portland Made, are teaming up to present The Explorers Series, where arts, crafts and culture come together over conversation, food and drink. farm_dinners1Every Friday from 12PM-2PM at ADX we’ll host a weekly Lunch Wagon series for Portland’s manufacturing workforce. Take your lunch at ADX and learn about a different aspect of our local manufacturing ecosystem. Lunch is prepared by Chef Jason Barwikowski and served family style and ingredients are sourced from Stargazer and other local purveyors. The conversation is hosted by Marjorie Skinner, Managing Editor of the Portland Mercury. 


July 25th 12PM-2PM: Taking your Product to Market with Crowd Supply: If you’re planning on manufacturing a product, you’ll want to learn about Crowd Supply, a Portland-based crowdfunding platform that handles all aspects of the manufactured goods life cycle, from vetting engineering plans and sculpting a marketing plan to fulfillment and post-campaign sales. Come find out how Crowd Supply has the highest funding success rate in the industry, raises almost three times more per project than Kickstarter, and maintains a 100% project delivery rate. Up for discussion will be some notable success stories from Portland and beyond, as well as general advice for turning your idea into a real product.


Baked penne and prosciutto cotto

Stargazer farms green salad

Melon and basil

If you have any dietary restrictions or allergies that we need to be aware of please contact with 48 hours advanced notice.


Monthly events at Stargazer Farm as well as our Lunch Wagon at ADX will feature hand­-picked ingredients, compelling sourced within 5 miles of Stargazer Farm. 

Can’t make it this Friday? Come to the next Lunch Wagon on August 1st, 2014.

Does your company want to host a lunch? Contact Kelley at 503-438-8171.


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Member of the Month: Anatoly Geyfman Tue, 08 Jul 2014 01:31:47 +0000 Anatoly Geyfman is one of the talented professionals working out of our Coworking Office. A seasoned, award-winning technical leader, Anatoly is responsible for creating large-scale software management systems widely used in the medical field and in a number of Fortune 500 companies. Despite his impressive accomplishments, Anatoly is an incredibly humble and affable member of our community, always willing to share his knowledge and expertise with anyone who asks.

Following in the steps of his two older brothers, Anatoly developed a love of coding and software at an early age. Anatoly describes his hometown of Stamford, Connecticut, in the late 90s as the “Wild West” of coding. With the growing demand from large companies for software development and only a small pool of skilled programmers to draw from, opportunities abounded for the young Anatoly. By age 16, he was already coding professionally as an intern, building sophisticated software from the ground up.

Anatoly Geyfman

These days, Anatoly’s work focuses on big picture, software architecture rather than smaller, software component design. Basically, he creates large-scale software systems that solve highly complex but specific problems for companies. At DICOM Grid, Anatoly architected and built a world-class medical image management, storage, and transport platform. This software now allows doctors to exchange medical images with each other that were previously too large to easily share. Anatoly’s work has enabled the exchange of over 150,000 images per day and the program has nearly 1 billion images under management.

Anatoly recently won Grand Prize in the Digital Privacy Notice Challenge held by Office of the National Coordinator and Office for Civil Rights. In this challenge, Anatoly developed an innovative HIPAA form. This form made it easier to notify people of their rights to their personal data by being web-specific, easy to integrate, and open sourced with a consistent presentation across mobile platforms. Anatoly’s innovative form can be integrated into hospital portals, patient health records, and other patient-centered health applications.


Between building complex software systems and winning national awards, Anatoly has also recently started his own business, HospitalMark. HospitalMark provides sales organizations with valuable information about potential healthcare clients. By analyzing data gathered from federal, state, and private sources, HospitalMark creates a “sales persona” for medical institutions nation-wide. By comparing the personas of past clients, Anatoly is able to tell sales organizations who their most likely buyers are and why. He is currently piloting his service by providing sales leads to several organizations and receiving feedback from them to improve his system. Although still in its early stages, HospitalMark has already proven to be effective.

Screen shot 2014-07-07 at 6.22.24 PM

We are honored to have such an inspiring mind working out of our coworking space and can’t wait to see HospitalMark take off!


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Design & Fabrication (Part 3): People Thu, 26 Jun 2014 19:49:06 +0000 In Part 1 & 2, we delved into our Design & Fabrication Team’s projects and process. Now we’re ending this series with the most important part of ADX and the main reason our clients come to us: the people behind the work.

Meet our talented team of designers & makers. We hire our expert team in-house and work with them to develop the skills to do great work. As a hub and training ground for Portland’s growing artisanal manufacturing workforce, ADX is proud to have fostered the careers of hundreds of designers & builders.

Here are a few stories about our team and their pathway through ADX. Through their experiences, we’ll explore what it takes to be a part of a team of designers & fabricators.


Meet Marty Joyce - Director of Design & Fabrication

Marty brings over a decade of experience in high-end custom fabrication and retail design as the Director of our Design & Fabrication Team. As founder and co-founder of two design/build firms in Houston, TX, Marty has managed build-outs for some of the most celebrated architectural designers and restaurateurs in the area. Marty holds a degree in Sculpture from the University of Houston which has allowed him to bring artistic and traditional building elements together in his work.


Mariposa: Installation

Design & Fabrication Director: Marty Joyce
Design & Fabrication Team: Ivan Salcido, Annie McLaughlin, Thomas Phillips, Collin Blinder, Jim Dawson, Seth Constable, & Toshi Woudenberg

Mariposa was a uniquely challenging project since it’s design and production were required to be simultaneously sculptural and structural, beautiful and functional. Marty had to pull together a diverse team capable of soldering, programming, wiring, assembling, welding, testing and debugging electronics to tackle this momentous project.

CollinCollin Blinder, a 20 year old from Massachusetts, moved across the country to work at ADX. Despite his age, Collin’s impeccable technological skills, great sense of humor, and infectious positivity made him an invaluable part of our community as our Classes Coordinator and as a manufacturer on our Design & Fabrication Team.

Working as one of the electronics manufacturers on Mariposa, Collin says he “received a first hand education on planning, completing and activating a large-scale physical computing project.” Collin’s work at ADX has given him the experience and skills needed to go on to study Computer Science with a focus on Physical Sensor Networks at The University of Texas at Austin.


Annie McLaughlin developed her already impressive woodworking and metalworking skills as a Shop Steward before being hired on to our Design & Fabrication Team. Working on both Mariposa and Pfriem tap handles, Annie’s background in sculpture and adept problem solving skills were a huge asset to the team. During her work on these projects Annie discovered that “the nature of working on something so specific for a client lends itself well to expanding your skills and learning a new facet of being a tradesperson.”

Before she worked on our Design & Fabrication Team, however, Annie was a weaver. Noticing a demand for weaving implements, like looms, she used the skills she developed at ADX to fabricate these products. Annie realized she was uniquely equipped to meet this demand, as “it’s not common for someone to know how to weave and also use power tools.”


Luc Lac Vietnamese Kitchen: Interior

Design & Fabrication Director: Marty Joyce
Design & Fabrication Team: Zac Mellecker, Thomas Phillips, Bradley Yeomans, Kyle D’Auria, Ivan Salcido

Creating an artistic, sculptural installation within Luc Lac’s bustling commercial setting was a demanding undertaking. Marty worked closely with our client to design his vision for the installation. He then assembled a team which would be capable of planning, building, painting, troubleshooting, and perfecting the original design to bring this idea to life.


Zac Mellecker grew up in Ashland, Oregon, doing carpentry, painting, and interior build-outs with his father. When he first came to ADX he fell in love with the community and joined as a Shop Steward. After demonstrating his excellent woodworking and leadership skills, Zac was hired on to our Design & Fabrication Team. His ability to think on his feet and multitask made him an important part of bringing Luc Lac installation from design to completion.

“We were working against gravity,” Zac recalls, speaking to the difficulty of taking a design from paper and adjusting it to fit real world conditions. Zac has enjoyed the camaraderie of working together on our Design & Fabrication Team and being involved in all aspects of a job, design through installation. Zac plans to continue working in fabrication, eventually focusing more on eco-friendly designs.

tap handles

Pfriem Family Brewers: Artisanal Manufacturing

Design & Fabrication Director: Marty Joyce
Design & Fabrication Team: Ivan Salcido, Bradley Yeomans, Seamus Holley, Monroe Isenberg, & Annie McLaughlin

Marty took over production of Prfriem tap handles with the design already in place. Working within these tight design parameters forced the team to get creative in the production process, rather than the design process, in order to manufacture these tap handles efficiently and affordably for the client. The team Marty assembled to continue producing Pfriem tap handles were required to have excellent woodworking and metalworking skills and extreme attention to detail and precision in assembly.


Ivan Salcido first heard about ADX when he was preparing to move to Portland from Texas and immediately knew he wanted to be a part of the team. Ivan began as a Shop Steward but his technical genius and ability to jump into any project and get the job done landed him on our Design & Fabrication Team. His hard work and dependable attitude made him a great addition to the production of Pfriem tap handles.

Ivan recounts “it is challenging to see these projects through but rewarding to know that in the end we are working together and doing an excellent job.” Outside of his work at ADX, Ivan is a sculptor and art preparatory at One Grand Gallery. He uses his woodworking, metalworking, and numerous others skills honed at ADX in creating sculptures and installing artwork. Check out more of Ivan’s work here


Tokio Table Japanese Steakhouse: Furniture

Design & Fabrication Director: Marty Joyce
Design & Fabrication Team: Bradley Yeomans, Zac Mellecker, Peter Barich, Ben DeWitte, Thomas Phillips

Designing and fabricating teppanyaki tables for Tokio Table was a complex task because it required the design to be elegant while the structure to be strong and durable enough to withstand a high volume commercial environment. Marty created a design based on the client’s aesthetic and functional needs of the restaurant. He assembled a team of fabricators with the skills to cut, grind, weld, finish, paint, and transport this immense project.


Thomas Phillips loved working in the model shop at Syracuse University and always had a knack for design and furniture building. When he found out about ADX through a friend, he was hooked, and joined as a Shop Steward. Once Thomas’ considerable woodworking skills, precision, and attention to detail were noticed, he was hired on to our Design & Fabrication Team.

While working on Tokio Table, Thomas came to realize that “precision and adaptability are key in all projects.” Thomas loves both designing and fabricating, stating “I’m hoping to always have the ability to do both; only when the two are integrated through my hands do I feel invested and completely satisfied with the project.”


Bringing a client’s vision to life is a challenging but rewarding process that requires immense skill and teamwork. We are incredibly proud of our Design & Fabrication Team and the work they’ve done.

Have you enjoyed learning about the design & build process? Stay updated on our latest projects here!


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