ADX | Art Design Portland |ADX | Art Design Portland | Building a Community of Thinkers & Makers Wed, 22 Apr 2015 22:28:54 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Upcoming Class: Women Who Woodwork Wed, 22 Apr 2015 16:48:31 +0000 This coming month, ADX is launching a new wood shop class series, Women Who Woodwork. This series is an introduction to woodworking in 5 installments. Students will go from having little or no exposure to the design and building process involved with woodworking to completing their first project.


The class is lead by Anna Mackay, a design/builder trained in architecture and woodworking. Anna has been circling structures, both metaphorically and literally, her entire life. She believes more women should be in the field and delights in sharing her knowledge with those interested in design/build.

To learn more about the class, and to register, visit this link.

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Makin’ It with SCRAP and Burnside Brewing Tue, 14 Apr 2015 17:06:32 +0000 ADX_MakinIt_Poster-April

Attention makers, shakers and crafters: your favorite night-time crafting event, Makin’ It, is back! ADX, Burnside Brewing and SCRAP have teamed up once again to curate a social crafting session where you can have beer, listen to great music from a live DJ and make something amazing!

Our second event will be on April 29th from 6-9pm here at ADX. The event is free to ADX members and non-members alike. A suggested donation of $5-10 is appreciated and helps us pay for the DJ and materials.

Attendees are encouraged to bring their own small projects to work on or to come use our scraps, materials and hand tools to make something on the fly. Each event will be themed and SCRAP will be selling small themed kits that you can use to make something beautiful. The event theme this time will be Miny May Pinatas. We’ve got toilet paper rolls, paper and fun supplies from SCRAP! What fantastic pinata will you create??

The event is open to all ages. Adults over 21 will receive a free drink ticket to exchange for a delicious Burnside Brewing beer. Please RSVP so we can plan accordingly.

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Build with Mom — A Mother’s Day Event! Mon, 13 Apr 2015 17:05:17 +0000 Hey Moms! Looking for a new way to hang out with your progeny on Mother’s Day? Dads, looking to get her something better than the same tired old bouquet?
ADX_MothersAd_Web (1)
At ADX, we’ve designed a special day of building for you and your little one! Spend an afternoon with our community of makers, building and customizing a special Mother’s Day planter box.
We will provide the tools, materials and instructions, as well as some potting soil and seeds to help your garden get started. All you need to bring is you, yours and a smile! We’re even providing refreshments.
Dads, you should probably still go get that bouquet though.
This event is limited to mothers and children ages 6-12.  Sign-up here as tickets are limited!
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How to Build your Perfect Red Bull Flugtag Application Fri, 10 Apr 2015 16:29:48 +0000 RB_Flugtag_cmyk_300dpi

How to Build your Perfect Red Bull Flugtag Application

You’re invited!
Please join us for a one-of-a-kind workshop at ADX for Red Bull Flugtag Portland 2015.

Red Bull Flugtag, the world’s wildest homemade, human-powered flying craft competition is coming back to Portland’s McCall Waterfront Park on August 1, 2015. The highly competitive application phase kicked off on March 18 and ends May 12, with only the first 500 applications being considered.

Need help filling out your application? Need some inspiration for craft design? Need to brainstorm ideas?

We’ll help you get your ideas on paper and walk you through the process on how to submit the perfect application.

WHEN: Wednesday, April 22nd 6-9pm
WHERE: ADX 417 SE 11th Ave Portland, OR 97214

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The Maker Economy–Chris King Thu, 09 Apr 2015 16:28:36 +0000 There are fads that come and go. However when it comes to the passion for bicycle riding, it is alive and well and here to stay in Portland. Chris King has seen the ebb and flow of fads, but has been making high quality precision metal parts and specialty steel frame bicycles for over thirty years. Clearly, he is in it for the long haul.


He started his manufacturing life in California, moving up to Portland ten years ago to take advantage of the more diversified labor pool in metal workers that existed here because of the large number of metal product manufacturers. And though not a lot of metal material itself is made in the United States, Chris was able to find enough supply between the US and Canada that he can claim all the metal he uses is North American sourced.

Chris King isn’t the only specialty bike builder in Portland. There is a handful of small makers; individuals working on their own or with just a few employees, that produce ten to fifty frames per year. Chris supplies many of them with precision components for their bicycles. “We fit together very nicely,” says Dylan VanWeelden, Chris King’s Marketing Manager.


Chris took a break from making custom bicycles for a few years when the increased demand for bike components started to consume all his time and attention. In 2007, however, he was able to return to his passion for bicycle making, starting his line of Cielo Bicycles. Precision parts are crafted by human-run CNC machines, and every bicycle is assembled by hand. There is a pride in quality workmanship and the human touch that goes into every bicycle, which is one of Cielo’s signature trademarks.

There is plenty of room for Chris King to produce bicycles along with the smaller builders in town. While the smaller producers sell locally, Chris’s operation is now of a size and scale that allows for him to sell primarily to an international market; mainly Japan, where “high-end American made goods are very popular,” says VanWeelden. By contrast to the smaller shops in Portland, which may be a sole proprietor working out of a garage to a small staff of only ten or so in a slightly larger space, Chris King operates in a 80,000 square foot factory, employing 137 workers. At this scale, they are able to produce three hundred hand-assembled bicycles a year in addition to their full line of precision components.

detail bearings

The biggest challenge, says VanWeelden, is that bicycle and part specs change all the time, so there is the need to try to stay on top of and current with those changes in the production of components. But that’s just part of the business – a business that has become a truly vibrant and forward-thinking part of Portland’s maker community.

You can check out Chris King’s own blog, here.

Article written by Peggy Acott for ADX and Portland Made.

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Intro to MIG Project: Small Table Class Tue, 07 Apr 2015 16:00:19 +0000 Fire. Metal. Sparks. You know you want to play with them all — why not get a table out of it!?


Our Intro to MIG Project: Small Table is the introductory class for the welding and metalwork program. Class size is limited to 4 students, so you will have lots of hands-on time! This class will focus on MIG (wire feed) welding and will stress basic skills needed for fabrication in steel including: safety, welding technique, welder set-up, layout, and more! After two hours of intro and practice we will move towards fabrication of a small steel table focusing on layout and functional fabrication. You will be able to leave with a small table created with your own hands!

Metal Stand Class

Kari Merkl is the owner of Merkled Studio, a Portland based design studio focusing on creating custom furniture, fixtures and small-run products for both residential and commercial spaces. Kari has been designing and creating objects of function for the past 15 years. Her work reflects an appreciation for materials, mechanics and craft. Kari has been teaching welding for both MIG and TIG for the past 5 years in both Portland and Chicago and passionately enjoys getting people excited about the possibilities in metal.

Sign up now and get your weld on!

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Featured Member: Josh Mabry Mon, 06 Apr 2015 18:39:24 +0000 This post was originally featured at GoLocalPDX. Check it out there!

Josh Mabry came to ADX in January 2014 with little to no experience in making things by hand. Although he had always been a creative, he had never taken time to fully explore his creative options. Hoping to find inspiration, he enrolled in a few different classes. After being drawn into the allure of woodworking, Josh has since spent his time in the ADX wood shop bringing the ideas he scribbles in his notebook to life.

Mabry’s new collection of wooden jars and lamps serve as functional pieces of art. Across his line of goods, he strives to use reclaimed and sustainably sourced materials whenever possible, and even makes his own locally sourced beeswax finish.

JoshDoll_MabryWeb-1 JoshDoll_MabryWeb-2 JoshDoll_MabryWeb-3 JoshDoll_MabryWeb-4 JoshDoll_MabryWeb-5 JoshDoll_MabryWeb-6 JoshDoll_MabryWeb-7 JoshDoll_MabryWeb-8

These gorgeous wood products, including the lamp he’s making in this photo set, are available through his website

Want to check out more of Josh’s work? Follow him at madebymabry on Instagram or contact him at For more stories like these, follow the ADX blog and social media, at

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Q&A For Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs Wed, 01 Apr 2015 19:00:12 +0000 ADX_Consulting_Web-4-30 (2)

Amy Pearl is the founder of Hatch Innovation, Hatch Oregon, and the social incubator on NE Sandy, HatchLab. She founded the nonprofit over ten years ago to enable ordinary folks to launch enterprises that improve communities – addressing local and global challenges. Recently, she authored the law that has become Oregon’s new crowdfunding exemption inviting the remaining 99% to invest in local business. Before founding the nonprofit, she ran, developing strategies for problem-based learning tools and programs online for over 30 countries. Before Intel she worked in applied research at the NW Regional Educational Lab. She has been an adjunct professor in five universities, and a speaker at hundreds of conferences, notably Oxford, Harvard, and Yale. She holds degrees in Anthropology and Education.

Yoon Shin’s legal practice spanning over 14 years has culminated in her recent launch of Catalyst Law, a partnership committed to promoting social change and sustainable communities using the powerful tools of law, business, and philanthropy. One of her proudest contribution was in assisting with the passage of the new Oregon Intrastate Offering Exemption rules (“OIOE”) that is now helping small businesses in Oregon realize their dreams.

Yoon’s experience in a broad range of business, corporate law and start-up matters has given her the ability to quickly identify priorities for the success of her clients and to deliver practical and effective solutions to their challenges in a holistic manner.

In the past Yoon represented public companies in New York and Hong Kong at some of the world’s largest law firms. She has served as General Counsel to a global events production company in New York and was the founder of an international start-up engaged in construction consulting in Southeast Asia.

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New Class: Intro to Metalsmithing Tue, 31 Mar 2015 18:00:21 +0000

We’ve all been there: standing in front of a full case of hand-crafted jewelry, hands sweating, eyes racing back and forth between turquoise laden rings and recycled copper necklaces, toe rings glaring up at us and earrings dangling lackadaisically on their holders.  Will we buy the right piece of jewelry that perfectly reflects our emotions?  Is that up-cycled, organically produced mood ring really worth $75?

Our instructor Lindsey Snell's creation. Check out more @

Our instructor Lindsey Snell’s creation. Check out more @

Let’s be honest, most of us don’t enjoy the stress of buying jewelry for our friends, families or lovers.  We do it because we love them, but what better way to show them your love than to make the jewelry yourself?!


Our instructor Lindsey putting the final touches on the new jewelry and metalsmithing station in the Cube.

We know, we know, you’ve never made a piece of jewelry before.  You have no idea how to even find tools small enough to craft such wonderful gifts.  Well, we’ve got you covered: Starting March 23rd, ADX will be launching our first Intro to Jewelry Metalsmithing class!

Whether you are a beginner or looking to freshen up old skills, Intro to Jewelry Metalsmithing will help you get to know the tools and begin to build the skills necessary to make everything from cool jewelry to a set of silverware from nonferrous metal! Learn how to lay out patterns on metal, saw, texture, form, and solder. This class will prepare you to work inside the Cube and get you ready for future ADX Jewelry Metalsmithing classes like the Soldering Intensive, Intro to Cold Connections, and Ring Fabrication.

Don’t forget that members get a discounted rate on classes.

Not a member, yet? What are you waiting for!? Sign up here and get making!



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Win A DIY Screen Printing Kit! Mon, 30 Mar 2015 17:00:51 +0000 ADX_ScreenBox

As you may have heard, we here at ADX launched our new industrial craft lab, The Cube, this month. To celebrate its the opening, we have partnered with Ryonet Screenprinting to offer a DIY Screenprinting Kit raffle to one lucky winner.


The kit includes everything you need to get started on making your own prints. From emulsion to squeeqies, this box of goodies has you covered! To enter to win the kit, stop by ADX or visit us online and register for a new Cube membership. All new members from the month of April will be entered to win, so what are you waiting for?

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